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Measuring FLOPS on Vivante G7200L on IMX8 Hello i'am new to Open Cl and i was trying to Measure GFLOPS on GPU Vivante7200 Lite on board IMX8 The output using this code is 0.127989 GFLOPS while the advertised FLOPS is 32 So what may be the ... The SOM we're using has a Vivante GC2000 GPGPU and there is support for OpenCL according to the hardware documentation. All that not withstanding, RenderScript became the technology we decided on. Problem Description. To test the Renderscript setup for the application, I created a 100x100 array of float with constant test data. The data seems to be making it to the Renderscript layer because I ... Hardware: GC2000, revision 0x5108, 4 shader cores. Software: I wanted to put the CL compiler version here, but alas the driver refused to cough up any specific version information using the OpenCL API. Anyhow, it is included with. Freescale rootfs "L3.0.35_1.1.0_oneiric.tgz" reports Vivante version "4.6.9:1478" Chips multi-núcleo heterogéneos, SoCs ARM y x86 de consumo ultra bajo y alta performance, gráficos integrados de próxima generación, dispositivos para llevar puestos, son todas tendencias que tienen una gran chance de producir un fuerte impacto en el mercado durante el año que comienza. Una mirada en perspectiva para este 2014 no devela innovaciones revolucionarias, … Because all of those have: Vivante GC2000 or ARM Mali-400 of GPU, which can easily run OpenGL, and GC2000 OpenGL 2.0, which goes up to 24 GFLOPS which is unbelievable for such small device. Would I be able to run WoW or Steam games on those? (since wow runs on Linux by using Wine, and steam games have native Linux OpenGL)

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